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Karma Star 2 Lightweight Wheelchair

The STAR 2 wheelchair challenges the conventional look of the wheelchair with its dynamic, innovative design. The seamless elliptical frame combines style with functionality, improving durability of the wheelchair. Besides its eye-catching design, the ultralight aluminium wheelchair provides excellent manoeuvrability and is equipped with several ergonomic features to aid both the attendant and the wheelchair user in their daily activities.

You can choose between attendant-propelled wheelchair with 14″ rear wheel or self-propelled wheelchair with 24″ quick-released rear wheel.

Improve Safety by Creating More Space
Did you know a fall is more likely to occur for the wheelchair user when moving on or off the wheelchair? It is important to practice proper procedures to ensure safety of the user. The STAR 2 offers the patented swivel footrests, which free up leg space, for both attendant and the user.

Swing-Away Footrest
The swing-away footrest uses a simple mechanism to move the footrest without it detaching from the wheelchair. Just lift and swing the footrest to free up leg space. Never worry about losing your footrest ever again.

Detachable Seating System
Innovated Detachable Seating System makes it easy to detach and clean the upholstery. Simply unscrew the holders and slide the seat out. It also enhances the support on the surface to help avoid the hammock effect.

Compact and Easy to Carry
The foldable backrest and the swing-away footrest reduce the overall size of the wheelchair, making it easier to store and transport.

Seamless Elliptical Frame
The frame is constructed with the fewest number of components, reducing the number of welding points, thus improving the durability and the look of the wheelchair.

Tipping Lever
The tipping lever makes it easier for the attendant to push the wheelchair over a threshold or edge. Simply press the tipping lever down with one foot to tilt the wheelchair back and then push it over the obstacle.

Crash Test Approved
The STAR 2 is approved for transportation in accordance with ISO 7176-19. This means it is suitable to be used as a seat in a motor vehicle for transportation.



Transit (14"), Self Propel (24")

Colour Options

Pearl Silver

User Weight (max)

18st (115kg)

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